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Diesel Engines

OEM replacement parts and service

OEM Parts Only Fairbanks Morse Engine OEM replacement parts can guarantee top performance and service life of Fairbanks Morse Engines. Learn More

Fairbanks Morse Engine is the worldwide leader in engine technology and manufacturing,  providing the highest quality diesel engines and generator sets, dual-fuel engine generator sets, and OEM parts all backed with world-class field service support. The primary markets for Fairbanks Morse diesel engines include stationary power generation and marine propulsion.

Diesel Products

Trident OP™ Trident OP™ Get the details
MAN 48/60 CR MAN 48/60 CR RPM: 500/514
Power Range: 14400-21600 Get the details
ALCO 251 F ALCO 251 F RPM: 750/1200
Power Range: 730-2990 Get the details
Colt-Pielstick PA6B Colt-Pielstick PA6B RPM: 900
Power Range: 2025-7000 Get the details
Colt-Pielstick PC2.6B Colt-Pielstick PC2.6B RPM: 600
Power Range: 9000-15000 Get the details
MAN 48/60 MAN 48/60 RPM: 500/514
Power Range: 14054-21600 Get the details
MAN 28/33D STC MAN 28/33D STC RPM: 1000
Power Range: 5460-10000 Get the details

Dual Fuel Products

Opposed Piston Model 38 8 1/8 Opposed Piston Model 38 8 1/8 RPM: 900/1000
Power Range: 2260-3165
*Also available in 9 cylinder tandem configuration up to 5700 Get the details
MAN 35/44 DF MAN 35/44 DF RPM: 720/750
Power Range: 2985-4770 Get the details
MAN 51/60 DF MAN 51/60 DF RPM: 500/514
Power Range: 8775-18000 Get the details

Gas Products

MAN 35/44 G MAN 35/44 G RPM: 720/750
Power Range: 9945-10600 Get the details
MAN 51/60 G MAN 51/60 G RPM: 500/514
Power Range: 18425-18900 Get the details