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Colt-Pielstick PA6B

Colt-Pielstick PA6B

With over 840 engines in operation, the Colt-Pielstick PA6B diesel engine is respected worldwide for its reliability and its incredibly advanced technology. This diesel engine has been expanded to include the longstroke “B” version, which is 25 percent more powerful than the PA6. The PA6B diesel engine generator set has a redesigned connecting rod, crankshaft, cylinder head, and liner with an anti-bore polishing ring. These design improvements extend the time between engine maintenance intervals and provide excellent fuel consumption with low emissions.

All feed pumps (fresh water, lube oil, and fuel oil) are driven by the engine. The lubricating circuit including the oil filter is fully integrated into the engine. This results in increased reliability, safety, and simplified installation. The PA6B engine incorporates an integrated combination plate heat exchanger (Combi-Cooler) for cooling both lube oil and the water cooling loop.

MAN / S.E.M.T. Pielstick



Cyl. Dimensions (mm) Dry Weight TONS (metric)
12V 4600 3935 2800 65
16V 4800 3935 2800 78
18V 5800 3935 2800 86
20V 6350 3935 2800 95

Power Rating

Cyl. Generator 900 RPM, 60Hz kWe
12V 4030
16V 5375
18V 6045
20V 6720


Engine Specifications

Cylinder Configuration 12V, 16V, 18V, 20V
Cylinder Bore - mm (in) 280 (11.02)
Piston Stroke - mm (in) 330 (12.99)
Cycle 4 Sroke
Displacement/Cylinder - L (cu in) 20.32 (1,240)
Mean Piston Speed - m/s (ft/s) 9.9 (32.48) - 900 rpm
11.55 (37.89) - 1050 rpm


Power ratings P ISO are as specified in DIN ISO 3046-1

Generator efficiency 96%

Power rating valid for tropical conditions:
Air temp 45°C
Cooling water temp at aircooler 38°C
Ambient pr 1 bar

Dimension D* is project specific

Tolerance for weight ± 5%