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Dual Fuel Products

MAN 35/44 DF

MAN 35/44 DF

The new 35/44DF provides all the power that comes from a high output engine designed to provide critical power for the most demanding applications. Dual-fuel engines switch smoothly and seamlessly between gaseous fuel and liquid fuel operation to offer a fully flexible, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Key Advantages

  • Extremely low-wear valve and piston designs
  • Ultra-rigid block
  • Superior efficiency, offering improved waste heat recovery (WHR) in gas mode
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 20% when using gas
  • Provides a dependable back up with the option to run on liquid fuel at any time




Cyl. A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) H (mm) W (mm) TONS (m) (lbs)
6L 6,390 3,837 10,227 4,369 2,878 60 (120,000)
9L 8,075 4,140 12,215 4,894 3,109 80 (160,000)


Power Rating

Cyl. Aspiration Generator 720 RPM, 60Hz kWe
6L Turbocharged 3,060
9L Turbocharged 4,590

Engine Specifications

Cylinder Configuration 6L, 9L
Cylinder Bore - mm (in) 350 (13.8)
Piston Stroke - mm (in) 440 (17.3)
Cycle 4 Stroke
Displacement/Cylinder - L (cu in) 42.3 (2,581)
Mean Piston Speed - m/s (ft/s) 10.56 (34.65) - 720 rpm 
BMEP - bar (psi) 20.09 (291.4) - 720 rpm


All ratings subject to factory approved application.

Power ratings PISO are as specified in DIN ISO 3046-1

Generator efficiency 97.6%

Power rating valid for tropical conditions:
Air temp 45°C
Cooling water temp at aircooler 38°C
Ambient pr 1 bar