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MAN 51/60 G

MAN 51/60 G

The 51/60G boasts clean combustion, high efficiency, and comparatively low carbon dioxide emissions, combined with the lower economics of natural gas. This new class of large-bore engine brings the benefits of gas engines to power and co-generation plants, providing maximum output combined with flexibility and reliability.

Key Advantages

  • Largest, most powerful 4 stroke gas engine on the market
  • The highest efficiencies in the combustion engine field
  • Reliable combustion of lean air/gas mixtures
  • High and stable ratings in hot and high locations
  • Excellent load response
  • Low gas-admission pressures


Cyl. A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) W (mm) H (mm) TONS (m) (lb)
18V 13,148 5,410 18,558 4,700 6,530 373 (746,000)

Power Rating

Cyl. Aspiration Generator 514 RPM, 60Hz kWe
18V Turbocharged 20,224


Engine Specifications

Cylinder Configuration 18V
Cylinder Bore - mm (in) 510 (20)
Piston Stroke - mm (in) 600 (23.6)
Cycle 4 Stroke
Displacement/Cylinder - L (cu in) 122.6 (7,482)
Mean Piston Speed (Vee)- m/s (ft/s) 10.3 (33.8) - 514 rpm
BMEP - bar (psi) 20.0 (290.0) - 514 rpm


All ratings subject to factory approved application

Power ratings PISO are as specified in DIN ISO 3046-1

Generator efficiency 97.6%

Power rating valid for tropical conditions:
Air temp 45°C
Cooling water temp at aircooler 38°C
Ambient pr 1 bar

Tolerance for weight ± 5%