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FM-MAN L 27/38

FM-MAN L 27/38

The concept behind the FM-MAN 27/38 won the prestigious International Seatrade Award for Innovation in 1996. With its simplified and compact design, efficiency, few parts, and low maintenance requirements, the genset and propulsion versions of the 27/38 have the ability to significantly improve the effectiveness of any aspect of ship operations and/or cargo handling.

All support functions — oil and water pumps, coolers, filters, and safety and regulator valves — are housed in a single front-end box for easy access and maintenance. The engine is lower and shorter than the other longstroke engines in its power class. It can be installed in restricted engine room areas. The L27/38 is designed for 20,000 to 25,000 service hours between overhauls, and requires only minimal maintenance. Each complete cylinder assembly can be removed as a unit for maintenance or replacement, without requiring a large overhaul height. The L27/38 meets IMO NOx emission limits. Its automatic lube oil filter eliminates the disposal problems associated with conventional paper filter elements.

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