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Opposed Piston Model 38 8 1/8

Opposed Piston Model 38 8 1/8

Opposed Piston (OP) The Fairbanks Morse Opposed Piston (OP) engine has been designed and developed for a wide array of electrical power generation and heavy industrial applications. You will find OP engines propelling ships, driving locomotives, powering natural gas compressors, running chillers and pump drives, and producing electricity in a variety of marine and stationary applications. OP engines have even provided standby power for the country's most critical applications, including take-home power for nuclear submarines, emergency reactor cooling in nuclear power facilities, and emergency power for vital life support and telecommunications networks. This high efficiency and low emission engine results in economic power generation. When equipped with Enviro-Design®, dual-fuel technology, the OP engine is ideally suited for low-cost electric power production and is one of the most efficient low-emission natural gas engines available in the industry.



Cyl. Dimensions (mm) Dry Weight kg (lbs)
9L 7874 2362 3327 34000 (74800)
12L 8992 2134 3073 39000 (85800)


Power Rating

Cyl. Aspiration 50HZ 1000 RPM kWe 60HZ 900 RPM kWe
9L Turbo-blower 2260 2260
9L Turbocharged 2370 2370
12L Turbo-blower 3013 3013
12L Turbocharged 3165 3165

*Standby Ratings Available


Engine Specifications

Cylinder Configuration  9L, 12L
Cylinder Bore - mm (in) 206 (8.1)
Piston Stroke - mm (in) 254 (10.0)
Cycle 2 Stroke
Displacement/Cylinder - L (cu in) 16.9 (1037)
Aspiration Turbocharged/Turbo-blower-Aftercooled
Mean Piston Speed - m/s (ft/s) 7.6 - 8.5 (25.0-27.8)
BMEP - bar (psi) 9.3 - 10.8 (134-157)

*Standby Ratings Available


All ratings subject to factory approved application.

Ratings are based on:
90°F (32.2°C) ambient temp.
28.25 in Hg. (71.6 cm Hg) barometric pressure (min)
1500 ft (457 m) altitude (max)

Standby ratings available

The kWe ratings are based on generators with nominal efficiencies of 96.2%