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Parts & Service

OEM Replacement Engine Parts

OEM Parts

Only Fairbanks Morse Engine OEM replacement parts can guarantee top performance and service life of Fairbanks Morse Engines. our OEM engine replacement parts meet proprietary metallurgical design specifications and are machined to exact tolerances to ensure you the highest level of reliable performance.

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Factory-Direct Service Support

One more reason Fairbanks Morse Engine is a leader: we support our customers with superior service. We maintain one of the largest and most experienced teams of factory-direct field service technicians in the industry. Each one of our field service technicians has comprehensive, hands-on training and certification on the entire line of Fairbanks Morse engines.

At Fairbanks Morse Engine, our commitment to exceptional engine performance extends to the development of Factory Certified Technicians who represent the highest level of training and service expertise. With the industry’s most rigorous qualifications for earning and maintaining certification, our training program creates a new standard for service excellence. Whether it’s routine maintenance or unexpected field service, customers trust our Factory Certified Technicians to provide best-in-class support for unprecedented engine operation and efficiency.

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Reconditioned Engines

We recondition and requalify Fairbanks Morse diesel engines to ISO 9001 standards and to meet new medium speed diesel engine specifications. Reconditioning and requalifying restores engine performance to its original rating, and can cost up to 40% less than purchasing a new engine.

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Governor Services

Governor maintenance and overhaul services can help increase the performance and efficiency of your equipment and ensure its continued safe operation, helping you avoid expensive downtime and malfunctions. If you are experiencing sluggish engine response or unstable RPMs, Fairbanks Morse Engine offers a one-day Governor service call, in which our service engineers will:

  • Complete an equipment matrix
  • Check equipment linkages and governor settings
  • Tune equipment
  • Provide a status report of your equipment and recommend further service if needed

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Turbocharger Services

Fairbanks Morse Engine offers modernization and repair solutions for turbos to improve equipment maintenance and extend lifetime operation. Our Turbo Reconditioning service offers the highest level of component reconditioning, replacing existing supercharging with the latest in turbocharger technology, increasing efficiency, reducing emissions and lowering temperatures of combustion components. We service all turbo assemblies installed on our engine-lines as well as MAN Turbo, Napier Turbo, KBB Turbo, MET Turbo and ABB Turbo.

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10-Point Engine Inspection

Optimize the perfomance and service life of your engine with a 10-point inspection by OEM factory-trained technicians. Reduce unplanned downtime, Optimize engine performance, and Service performed by experienced, OEM factory-certified technicians.

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Parts & Service from Fairbanks Morse

FAIRBANKS MORSE ENGINE has manufactured engines and provided OEM parts and service support that routinely exceed the demands of the work they do. We have designed and built innovative engines that soon became the industry standard, and we have advanced the technology of power solutions in directions that others are still attempting to imitate. In marine propulsion systems, stationary power generators, locomotive applications, nuclear facilities, and more, FAIRBANKS MORSE ENGINE has been the tried- and-true engine of choice for well over a century.

Today, our successful mission continues, providing our customers with the highest quality diesel engines and generator sets, dual-fuel engine generator sets, and OEM parts — and we back them all with world-class field service support. The unbeatable quality of our products and service is well known to our customers, and they’ll be glad to tell you so. The legendary reliability of our engines has been noted by multiple generations of the workers who have comfortably depended upon each one. In short, the durability of our machinery is unquestioned by all who have put our engines hard to the test and witnessed the uninterrupted performance of FAIRBANKS MORSE ENGINE products.

We are here to build the engine system you require, and we will stand behind it during each of the many, many years that it will work for you. Whatever your individual design needs, we are prepared to be of service. Whatever your specific challenges, we stand ready to solve them. Whatever flexibility you require, we are ready to accommodate. FAIRBANKS MORSE ENGINE has a mission to continue to be the only engine and OEM parts and service provider you’ll ever need or want.