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The Fairbanks Morse Power Solutions team is designed to extend and enhance the life of your critical power system through engine and control upgrades and lifecycle support. This specialized team provides quality engineered solutions and technical service expertise focusing on oil and gas, power generation, and marine applications. Fairbanks Morse has the unique ability and solutions to reduce engine downtime. Let our certified technical experts create a custom solution to meet your needs.


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Extended Maintenance Plan

In times of peak demand, you need to know your power systems will be available when you need them most. That’s why Fairbanks Morse developed a preventative Extended Maintenance Plan, designed specifically for power generation customers with annual engine usage of 500 hours or less.

This program consists of two engine inspections yearly—one in the spring to ensure engines are ready for generation season, and one in the fall to assess the engine’s condition post-generation season. With service performed by our Factory-Certified Technicians using genuine OEM parts, you can rest assured your engines are in the best of hands.

Total Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive Engine Health Assessment provides accurate analysis of current engine condition
  • 2 Yearly Inspections Spring — readiness check and Fall post-season assessment


Features & Benefits:

  • 3- or 5-Year Plans with locked-in rates for easier budgeting
  • Minimizes untimely repairs and long-term costs
  • Maximizes availability and engine life
  • Factory-Certified Technicians offering years of experience and OEM expertise
  • OEM Parts for optimal performance and reliability
  • 5% Off Parts & Labor* during all 3-year plans
  • 10% Off Parts & Labor* during all 5-year plans


*Excluding Maintenance Modules


For your additional convenience, a number of Maintenance Modules can be added to ensure your power system is optimized to support your business:

Onsite OEM Factory Certified Training — Review operational tasks Daily-Weekly-Monthly

Engine Analysis — Balance the engine for peak efficiency and performance

Fuel, Air & Lube Oil System Assessment

Controls & Instrumentation — Calibrate all transducers, pressure & temp switches/ gauges, inspect wiring & connections

Automated Engine Control Panel Survey — Improve the ease of operation & operator training by adding a new PLC-based engine control panel. Our site assessment will provide you with a proposal

Generator Inspection — Megger test, winding, bearing & drive coupling inspections


Engine Analysis

Fairbanks Morse Engine utilizes Engine Analysis to troubleshoot and diagnose engine problems before they require costly maintenance or repair. We provide the expertise to analyze the data and provide the necessary recommendations to improve performance or pinpoint potential failure modes— and not just for Fairbanks Morse engines. Engine Analysis programs are available for many makes of diesel and natural gas engines and most driven equipment.

Engine Data Trends — With real-time and historical data logging, the engine can be protected from unsafe operating conditions and symptoms of degradation can be detected through trending analysis.

Engine Diagnostics — Our diagnostic software displays cylinder pressure traces and vibration measurements simultaneously so that any anomaly occurring during the combustion cycle can be detected. This gives us the ability to “see” events as they occur in the engine while it is running and investigate all possible sources until the cause is determined and resolved.

Fairbanks Morse Engine can measure and analyze the following data in real time:

  • Dynamic cylinder pressure curve characteristics - recorded over a duration of 100 cycles
  • Low- and high-frequency vibrations from the cylinders, fuel injection lines, fuel pumps, turbo casings, and the engine block using accelerometers and ultrasonic microphones
  • Firing pressure vs. time overlaid with vibration vs. time curves
  • External component temperatures using an infrared device
  • Conditions, temperatures, and pressures of the support systems


Features and Benefits:

  • Balance the engine for peak efficiency
  • Detect worn components that keep the engine from peak performance
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Utilize performance trends to better plan component overhauls
  • Identify small problems before they become a major capital expenditure


Automated Engine Control and Monitoring System

Simplify operations and optimize your engine performance by upgrading to an Automated Engine Control and Monitoring System. With automated controls, engine operation is standardized and training is simplified. Touch screen display provides ease of use and comprehensive view of all monitored parameters.

Total Package Includes:

  • Synch and load control
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Multiple unit networking
  • Data trending


Features & Benefits:

  • Engine safety alarms and shutdowns
  • Emission and load control optimization
  • Fuel-air ratio control
  • Diagnostic troubleshooting
  • Real-time parameter monitoring
  • Touch screen display
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Expandable for future upgrades
  • Customized for any application
  • Compatible with all Fairbanks Morse engines
  • One button start/stop
  • Emergency manual mode
  • Temperature, pressure and level measurement
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Governors (eEngine speed control)
  • Alarm/shutdown event history
  • Data logging