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Factory Training — Course

ALCO 251 Overhaul

Cost: $6,000.00

Available Date(s):
  • August 13 - 24, 2018
  • October 29 - November 9, 2018

This is a two-week course. 20% of the time will be spent in the classroom going over individual components. And 80% of the time will be in the lab performing removal and installation of a power assembly, cylinder head, fuel pump support, fuel pump, injection nozzle, camshafts, drive gear, camshaft thrust and main bearing. The students will remove, disassemble, reassemble, and install a lube oil and jacket water pump, perform an engine tune-up; which includes air and exhaust valve adjustments, fuel pump timing, governor linkage, and fuel control rack adjustments.

The classes begin at 8 AM on Monday and ends before noon on the final Friday.

***Customer's who attend factory training will be required to take an exam at the end of the course to recieve your training completion certificate. You must obtain a 70% or better to get your certificate.***

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