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Trident OP Opposed-Piston Power Engine


Engineered to endure, the Trident OP is the next-generation engine that answers the need for higher-efficiency power in a wide range of applications. 
The Trident OP’s innovative design combines smart technology with an opposed-piston (OP) architecture, delivering a durable engine with increased reliability and 
the highest performance 
in its class.

Best-in-class 50% Efficiency* achieved through optimized heat transfer losses, leaner combustion, advanced timing and reduced pumping work

Simpler Design with 30% fewer components than competing products

Compliant with Tier IV final (EPA) NOx and CO emissions


Industry-leading performance

The Trident OP is the world's most fuel-efficient engine in its class. The Trident OP's simple design and fewer moving parts result in extended service intervals, reducing the cost of operation by maintaining maximum uptime. With counter-rotating crankshafts and counter-reciprocating piston assemblies, the Trident OP is inherently balanced, resulting in lower vibrations with increased reliability.

The Trident OP has been engineered to endure the rigors of power generation—
a solution that increases performance while decreasing overall costs. All supported by factory-certified technicians, regional parts distribution and training programs.

Trident OP Genset

Genset Specifications

900 RPM (60Hz)

Cylinder Configuration 12L
Cylinder Bore - mm (in) 206 (8.125)
Cylinder Stroke - mm (in) 254 (10.0) x 2
L (cu in) 17.0 (1,037)
Mean Piston Speed—
m/s (ft/s) 7.6 (25.0)
BMEP—bar (psi) 11.2 (162)
Emissions Level EPA Tier 4F
Lube Oil Consumption - gal./h (L/h) 0.71 (2.7)
First Major Service
 Interval - hours 40,000

1000 RPM (50Hz)

Cylinder Configuration 12L
Cylinder Bore - mm (in) 206 (8.125)
Cylinder Stroke - mm (in) 254 (10.0) x 2
L (cu in) 17.0 (1,037)
Mean Piston Speed—
m/s (ft/s) 8.5 (27.8)
BMEP—bar (psi) 11.2 (162)
Emissions Level EPA Tier 2
Lube Oil Consumption - gal./h (L/h) 0.79 (3.0)
First Major Service
 Interval - hours 40,000

Power Rating

900 RPM

3,335 kWe (60 Hz)

1000 RPM

3,705 kWe (50 Hz)


900 / 1000 RPM

Cylinders 12
Length - mm (in) 9,837 (387.3)
Height- mm (in) 3,070 (120.9)
Width - mm (in) 3,162 (124.5)
Weight kg (lbs) 43,091 kg (95,000)


All Ratings subject to factory approved application. Ratings are based on ISO 3046/1 and SAE J1995 
standard conditions. 25°C (77°F), 100kPa (1 bar), 30% Humidity and 150m (492 ft.) 
Generator efficiency estimated at 97.5%

All information listed is preliminary and may change without prior notice.

Service intervals extended with CBM.

Mechanical efficiency, optimized for fuel consumption. Engine only.


Flexible By Design

The unique design of the Trident OP allows for customization to a variety of environments. Well-suited for continuous, CHP, microgrid, and peaking power for industrial applications. The Trident OP is easily adapted to meet each environment’s specific needs and priorities.

Extended Maintenance Plan

Fairbanks Morse developed a preventative Extended Maintenance Plan, designed specifically for power generation customers. With service performed by our Factory-Certified Technicians using genuine OEM parts, you can rest assured your engines are in the best of hands.

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Factory-certified Technicians

Fairbanks Morse maintains one of the largest and most experienced teams of factory-direct field service technicians in the industry. Each field service technician has comprehensive, hands-on training and certification on Fairbanks Morse engines. All service projects, large and small, are backed by factory engineering and manufacturing resources.

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