At Fairbanks Morse, our mission is to deliver reliable power that helps communities, businesses, and our military improve people’s lives and make the world a better, safer place. We’ve been creating innovative power solutions for over 125 years and will continue to Power the World Forward.

Fairbanks Morse is a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, a private equity firm that invests in niche, market-leading companies in industrials, technology, life sciences, and specialty chemicals. 

Fairbanks Morse owns Breco International Inc., a diesel engine parts and service company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Fairbanks Morse also owns Ward Leonard, an industry-leading provider of electric motors, generators, controls, and service solutions located in Thomaston, Connecticut.

Since its purchase of the marine and stationary ALCO engine, parts and service business in 1994, Fairbanks Morse is the only OEM of the ALCO engine product line. 


We develop critical power systems and solutions and provide them to people who need it most, including our military, industrial businesses, and communities. Our solutions are installed in every corner of the globe, from dense urban communities to the most remote locations. 


At Fairbanks Morse, our power comes from our people. We have an amazing team of innovative individuals who share our core values of Integrity, Velocity, and Teamwork. 

A testament to our team philosophy is evident in the Fairbanks Morse Quarter Century Club. This exclusive club is comprised of current and retired employees who have 25 years or more of service to our company. Currently, the Quarter Century Club has over 300 members.

960X750 Our People

Safety Culture

At Fairbanks Morse, safety is a top priority. We strive to keep our employees safe and knowledgeable by educating with monthly safety training. 


Fairbanks Morse has a channel partner network across the globe, including Singapore.