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Thursday, 13 Sep 2018

As the summer comes to a close, we say goodbye to our 2018 summer intern class here at the Fairbanks Morse Beloit manufacturing facility. The primary function of the internship program is to build a first-class talent pipeline and to provide participating students with on-the-job training through meaningful work and learning experiences. Fairbanks Morse strives to provide an internship program that brings value to students as well as the company. The interns who work with us are typically going into their junior or senior year of college with most attending a local university. Fairbanks Morse has had interns for many years, but the formal program that is in place today was established in 2014. In the past four years of this program, we have successfully hired on eight interns full-time.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers Journal summarizes industry research in saying, “students graduating with internship experiences, in general, are more likely than students without those experiences to find employment upon graduation.”

This year’s program2018 Intern Class at FM included nine interns working out of Beloit, WI that supported the marketing, supply chain, project engineering, quality engineering, research and development, technical services, and engineering departments. At the start of the internship, each intern worked with their manager to create specific goals for them to achieve throughout the summer. Toward the end of the summer, the interns shared a summary presentation about their accomplishments and experience with Fairbanks Morse leaders and team members.

“As a college intern, I’ve enjoyed working with and learning from engineers with decades of experience. I’m working on challenging projects that are meaningful for Fairbanks Morse, which isn’t always the case with an internship position. This has been a great opportunity, and I’d recommend it to any student looking for an internship focused on real-world projects and applications,” one intern said.  

Another intern said, “I chose to do an internship at Fairbanks Morse because of their reputation and I knew I would gain plenty of experience from a company this big. This summer I interned for the Quality Department, they were all very welcoming and helpful. I got to work with some good engineers and learned quite a bit form them. I got to see firsthand what a work environment looks like and it will help me prepare for a successful career.”

“I’ve learned a significant amount of information about working for a company as well as better knowledge about good engineering practices. I’ve learned life lessons from interactions I’ve had with my boss, as well as the other employees I work with,” an intern shared.

We thank all of the interns for the assistance they provided the Fairbanks Morse teams this summer and wish them all the best this year at school!


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