Fairbanks Morse Defense Acquires Maxim Watermakers

Tuesday, 18 Jan 2022

Water treatment and desalination systems added to defense contractor’s growing list of turnkey marine services

Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD) has acquired Maxim Watermakers (Maxim), a privately-owned provider of desalination and water treatment technologies for marine defense applications based in Shreveport, La. The company’s water treatments systems, which provide life-sustaining water for crews during ship deployments, position Maxim as an essential addition for FMD to provide turnkey onboard solutions and global technical support that ensure crews are always mission ready.

“What we do is critically important to the safety of our nation and the world, and FMD is firmly committed to being a single-source partner who can deliver turnkey services when and where our customers need us with no time to spare,” said FMD CEO George Whittier. “Maxim has a strong reputation of producing high-quality water treatment systems with a customer-centric approach, which makes it a great addition to our rapidly growing array of best-in-class marine technologies.”

Operating from a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Shreveport, La., Maxim currently delivers two lines of seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems and one brackish water reverse osmosis desalination system. Its heat recovery evaporators utilize waste heat to make high-quality potable water from seawater, brackish water, or contaminated feed water sources. Maxim’s products and services include evaporators, reverse osmosis systems, salinity monitoring equipment, cleaning solutions, engineering, parts fabrication, and technical services.

“Like FMD, Maxim does not take lightly the role that we play in making sure our military marine customers are mission-ready,” said Brian Hebert, Maxim CEO. “Our commitment to quality has already earned us the trust of military leadership and becoming part of FMD further strengthens that trust. As part of the FMD brand, we will be able to deploy our technology and expand to more ship classes more quickly.”

The acquisition of Maxim Watermakers continues to solidify Fairbanks Morse Defense’s position as an integrated defense contractor and turnkey solutions provider to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. In recent months, FMD has completed multiple acquisitions to better serve defense customers, including its acquisitions of Federal Equipment Company (FEC), Hunt Valve Company, Ward Leonard, and Welin Lambie.

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