Fairbanks Morse Defense – Celebrating Our 150-Year Legacy

Thursday, 25 Aug 2022

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Fairbanks Morse Defense. Since our founding, the engineers and entrepreneurs who built FMD have continued to prove the quality of our engines while improving real-world results. We’ve been a trusted partner to the U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command, the U.S. Coast Guard, and our allies in every major conflict going back to World War I.

 We know that victory at sea is secured in the engine room. This is why FMD has remained dedicated to building, maintaining, and servicing the most trusted naval power and propulsion systems on the planet. Over the decades, FMD has built a reputation as the world’s premier naval engine supplier. Starting with World War II and extending through the 1990s, the Fairbanks Morse opposed-piston marine engine was the most common variant for use in Navy fleet submarines; our other engine models have been used in numerous classes of Navy and Coast Guard vessels.

 What we’ve accomplished and continue to achieve is critically important to the safety of our nation and the world. Our military leadership entrusts FMD with the continued design, development, and delivery of best-in-class naval power technology – a responsibility that is never taken lightly by anyone at Fairbanks Morse Defense.

That’s because the people of Fairbanks Morse Defense deliver the difference at the shipyard and on the sea. We’re experienced engineers, sailors, and technicians committed to supporting our country’s critical naval operations.

We’re aligned with the Navy’s near-term mission requirements and long-term vision. We know our work means more than well-maintained, high-performing ships. It means that every day, on every project, we honor and protect the sailors who keep us free.

After 150 years of success, one of the most important lessons we’ve learned is adaptation. Like the sea, the world is highly kinetic, and we must move with and anticipate the ever-changing tides. Our history launched with scales and became anchored in engines, but technological advances, resource allocation, and geopolitical relationships mean that our core naval defense customers require more. That’s why we’re stacking the decks and working to deliver advantages to the U.S. fleet with a growing array of best-in-class marine technologies, OEM parts, and turnkey services – all from a single, trusted source that’s been a reliable partner for many decades.

Historically, we’ve adapted to meet our customers’ needs by introducing new products and turnkey services. That has not changed. What has changed is our specific focus on naval defense. We’ve opened state-of-the-art service centers closer to our core customers so we can rapidly fulfill their parts and service needs. We’ve launched an unprecedented mixed-use technology to help customers monitor their assets, access a comprehensive library of technical resources, and interact directly with live technical support at any time and from any location. We’ve acquired eight new companies in recent years to expand our products and services, amplifying our ability to serve as a turnkey provider, so U.S. fleets are always mission ready. And we’re teaming with partners who will enable us to bolster our capabilities further while positioning FMD to propel U.S. maritime defense into the future with enhanced technologies that support new crewed and uncrewed programs.

FMD is exceptionally proud of its 150-year history. We honor the founders, executives, employees, and customers who established us as a leading defense contractor. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we’re in a strong position as we enter the next 150 years and beyond.

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