Save Time, Money with Fairbanks Morse's Virtual Support Service

Monday, 08 Feb 2021

Fairbanks Morse has established the industry's largest and most experienced field service team. Although we can respond in person to requests anywhere in the world within 10-24 hours, we also understand that some mission-critical equipment diagnostics and repairs just can't wait. That's why we recently launched on-demand virtual support to provide our customers with instant, secure technical service when and where they most need it.

Through augmented reality technology, Fairbanks Morse customers work remotely with our Factory-Certified, OEM technicians to directly interact with assets and personnel. These technicians undergo the industry's most rigorous qualifications to earn and maintain certification and continually raise the bar on service excellence standards.

The augmented reality technology is comprehensive and easy to use. An onsite customer technician wears a Microsoft HoloLens to communicate with a remote Fairbanks Morse technician. Through the HoloLens, a live Fairbanks Morse technician can see the equipment and guide the customer technician in real-time through a visual inspection and then offer guided maintenance, diagnosis and planning and technical support. Additional services include the ability to record evidence and visualize the Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data. The HoloLens also provides access to a pre-loaded technical manual for easy reference throughout the session, high-resolution images and 3-D models that help guide the service.

In addition to having immediate, direct access to Fairbanks Morse's expertise and wide range of technical resources, the virtual support service allows companies to save money by reducing mobilization costs. It also enables customers to save valuable time through faster response deployment and shorter problem resolution, which reduces the amount of lost productivity due to downtime.

Virtual support service is yet another way that Fairbanks Morse delivers on its promise to provide world-class service. Contact us today for more information about how this service can enhance your service experience.


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