Serving Those Who Serve: Todd Cooper

Thursday, 24 Sep 2020

Fairbanks Morse has one of the industry’s largest and most experienced teams of factory-direct field service technicians. It’s an elite team, ready to travel to clients in the field and respond to any issue with expert support.

Todd Cooper, Professional Field Service Rep for Fairbanks Morse, served in the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years before retiring. Like many that enlist, Todd joined the Navy to serve and protect his country. Todd has continued to serve the military by providing service support for Fairbanks Morse’s military clients. For the nearly 15 years he has been at Fairbanks Morse, Todd has been responsible for conducting overhauls, commissions, inspections and working on engines aboard U.S. military ships.

“When I was serving in the Navy, I gained a lot of experience working on the engines. My Navy experience also taught me discipline, and the importance of being on time to jobs and it helps me a lot on the military jobs. It helps me better understand how they do things and of course that transfers over to other clients as well,” said Todd.

Todd’s Navy experience not only helps him to relate to Fairbanks Morse’s military clients, it also helps him build relationships with the company’s nuclear plant clients.

“The nuclear plants have a great amount of discipline and regiment that goes into the work that they do and I really feel that my time in the Navy helps me connect with that and understand it,” said Todd.

While serving in the Navy, Todd traveled extensively and was able to see all parts of the world, from Italy all the way to the North Pole.

“My favorite places to visit were definitely Southeast Asia and Australia,” said Todd.

Todd’s travels didn’t end after he joined Fairbanks Morse. One thing he loves about the company is that he is still able to experience traveling despite retiring from the Navy.

“Through my role at Fairbanks Morse I travel to customer sites to repair and inspect the engines there. I really enjoy the opportunities to visit our clients in the field and always being on the move,” said Todd.

His Navy experience helps him connect with the men and women currently serving on the ships he repairs.

“When I’m there on the ship, I share with them that I was also in the Navy once and I tell them some good stories. I hope that it serves as a small motivation for them,” said Todd.

In addition to the travel, Todd also enjoys the camaraderie he’s found at Fairbanks Morse, as it reminds him of his time in the Navy.

“Of course, I enjoy the travel that I do for my job but I also enjoy the good people I’m working with. They’re top notch,” said Todd.

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