Six Ways Fairbanks Morse Puts Safety First

Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018

Fairbanks Morse prides itself on the core values that drive what we do every day - Safety, Excellence, and Respect. With the safety of our employees and our customers being of utmost importance, everyone at Fairbanks Morse works to incorporate safe practices into our everyday tasks. We care about our customers and we want you to be safe as well. Keep reading to learn some of the things we do here to keep Fairbanks Morse a safe place to work.

  1. We are knowledgeable and well-trained for the job. Fairbanks Morse Factory-Certified Technicians undergo the industry’s most rigorous qualifications for earning and maintaining certification to set the standard for service excellence. Being knowledgeable on multiple facets of the job will allow you to maintain safe operating procedures. 

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  1. We talk about safety. Each operations department engages in a shift start-up meeting and safety is a daily topic. In addition, we begin each year with an all-employee safety kick-off. This is a company-wide event that focuses on safety initiatives for the coming year.

  1. We report safety concerns. At Fairbanks Morse, we have a system in place for reporting unsafe situations or malfunctioning equipment. We view these as opportunities to improve our processes and our working conditions.

  1. Our facility has safety sidewalks. With many moving parts at our facility, to ensure the safety of people walking from building to building, we have designated sidewalks for pedestrians to use and danger areas to avoid.

  1. We set and adhere to safety regulations. In the manufacturing buildings within our facilities, there are specific rules that must be followed upon entry. An example of these regulations is the requirement of PPE (protective personal equipment) while in the machining buildings.
  1. We make it a team effort. 6.1A_ABOUT_750x960Safety is a responsibility of each FM employee and Fairbanks Morse has a team-based safety culture. We have nine safety teams within our organization covering different topics, such as hazard control and incident investigation.

Fairbanks Morse is an EnPro Industries company. EnPro has been awarded America’s Safest Company three times by the industry trade publication, EHS Today magazine. Learn more about EnPro being America’s Safest Company here.

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