Integrity, Velocity and Teamwork: Fairbanks Morse Values

Friday, 30 Oct 2020

Fairbanks Morse is structured around three key values that guide our actions – Integrity, Velocity, and Teamwork. To best serve our customers, we are committed to doing good work, working faster and working as a team. We are continuously working toward a vibrant company culture that is fast-paced in meeting deadlines and quickly responsive to our customer’s needs. We are focused on a team mentality, not just our employees working together as one company, but working with our customers as a team.

The values of Integrity, Velocity and Teamwork form the foundation to our company’s business objectives. As a company we are putting significant emphasis on providing exceptional service and aftermarket solutions support to our customers. We are growing both internationally and domestically and have expanded our service network by adding more locations and more Field Service Technicians so we can better maintain our engines for our customers, and provide more training for our customers. We opened a new service location in Mayport, Florida. We are offering more Solutions and Upgrades so our engines will have a longer life and continue to perform. With our recent asset purchase agreement with Globe Turbocharger Specialties we are expanding our aftermarket service offering to provide competitively priced turbocharger services and increasing the company’s critical parts inventory. We are always working to improve our processes so that we can quickly respond to customers.

By changing our business strategy from Make to Order to Ship from Stock, we are increasing our existing inventory and stocking more of the most requested part numbers to get parts to our customers faster. We have made and continue to make significant financial investments and have implemented changes to our planning, scheduling, and manufacturing operations to make sure we can ship on time and respond quickly to our customers with the critical parts that they need, when they need them.

By focusing on meeting our current customers’ needs, and continuously improving our operations, our company, our employees and our customers are positioned for success. Despite a global pandemic, Fairbanks Morse will ship more engines this year than the company has shipped in nearly 40 years. We have added new team members across the company and we will continue to add to our talented team in the coming years as we continue to Power the World Forward.

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