Reduce Unplanned Downtime with Turbo Charger Services

Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020

Keeping a ship’s engines in peak performance is your first priority. At Fairbanks Morse, we have your back. Not only can you count on our durable engines for their industry leading performance and reliability, but we are committed to help you keep them that way for the life of your ship.

Our experienced OEM factory-certified technicians offer Turbo Charger Services that reduce the risk of critical failures and unplanned downtime and optimize your engine’s performance. From OEM technical support, parts assistance, and/or a full overhaul, these services are a great way to quickly detect and address issues before they become major budget concerns.

It all starts with an initial inspection that is quick and efficient, and often can be performed within hours, so you can get the critical information you need right away.

During the service, the turbo charger is opened for a full in-depth inspection. All worn parts are replaced with Fairbanks Morse OEM parts, whether the turbo charger is new, heritage, or obsolete. Our OEM technicians will restore the engine to maximum efficiency and readiness as well as increase engine performance with effective combustion air. You get increased engine uptime and reduced costs, especially when combined with regular engine maintenance.

At Fairbanks Morse, we believe critical power systems should be backed by world-class product support. That is why we have assembled one of the industry’s largest teams of technicians and the most rigorous certification standards.

To get more information on our Turbo Charger Services, contact us at: or call 1-800-356-6955

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